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Make Better Decisions Faster

DocXchange is an agile enterprise workflow platform for document and data processes of any size or complexity. Organizations use DocXchange within many different departments (Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Administrative, Human Resources, IT and more) to help standardize business processes. DocXchange immediately reduces errors and increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps. Fewer unnecessary steps means improving process efforts and the customer experience, while reducing costs and streamlining operations. 

For an affordable price, and with no programming required, DocXchange will adapt and integrate with any business environment. 

With DocXchange, you can:

  • Create intelligent forms/processes, configure all business rules, and integrate with just about any corporate line-of-business application, directory, repository, and/or database
  • Deliver corporate compliance and governance to all aspects of your business
  • Improve efficiencies and lower operational costs and efforts, by providing best practices and transparency to corporate decision making and task management
  • Eliminate errors, redundant actions, communication breakdowns
  • Implement workflow processes in days, eliminating weeks or months of programming efforts and costs
  • Securely manage corporate data crucial to your business

automate, collaborate, accelerate

Forms, Documents and Tasks. Workflows and Approvals.
All Built and Implemented to Meet Your Specific Business Process. 

No matter what type of document, form, or task your organization works with on a daily basis, we help you create it and integrate all the data to your ERP and/or line of business applications.

  • Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Mileage Expenses, Employment Applications, and Vacation Requests
  • Satisfaction Surveys, Transcript Requests, Insurance Applications
  • Safety Checklists, Incident Reports, and more!



Custom approval routing of the document, form, or task can be based on any number of conditions and/or rules in order to match your most intricate business process.

  • Assign to user(s) or group(s)
  • Specific field data
  • Limits and thresholds
  • Exception routing
  • Pattern matching
  • Custom programming
  • And more…



Run and analyze visual reports on the number of opened and closed tasks, employee efficiency, time required to complete a task at each step, service levels, and more. You define a target Service Level and our platform will provide weekly and monthly dynamics, enabling you to analyze delays and identify bottlenecks.








Powerful dashboards that let you instantly take stock of all your workflows. It’s an array of convenient tools for assessing your workflow’s overall efficiency, as well as drilling down into the history and specific aspects of your process. Our dashboards can help revolutionize both your success and enjoyment in running your business. More specifically, the right dashboard will provide you numerous benefits:

  • Total visibility into your business
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Significant time savings
  • Improved results
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profits

Transform Your Forms

Take a peek at just a few of the great ways we can turn those outdated paper-based documents/forms into dynamic web-based forms. Whether it’s used for internal business purposes or for people outside the organization, our forms solution offers a customizable and flexible platform to help streamline and organize the entire process.

  • Pricing based on total number of internal users/approvers.
  • Unlimited Forms!
  • Unlimited Submissions!
  • Unlimited Document Storage!
  • Setup and Integration Fees may apply.
  • Professional Service Fees if we build your forms, or we can train you how to do it.

Paper-Based Employment Application

Web-Based Employment Application

Paper-Based Purchase Order

Web-Based Purchase Order

Paper-Based Mileage Reimbursement Form

Web-Based Mileage Reimbursement Form

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